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Preparing for old age II
Welcome back, everyone. We are gathered here today to pay attention to our bones. The ones we don’t see but we know that they are there. If you see yours then bad things must...
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Preparing for old age
Have you ever thought about it? Getting ready for old age? Well, time moves and it doesn’t take our excuses for failing to prepare. Time doesn’t notify us when it moves either. Many...
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That monthly biological paycheque
Someone was heavy with child. She had fulfilled her days and was expecting the baby anytime. One evening, as she was going to bed, she felt a sudden urge to take a piss. She thought...
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The love story continues...
So far we have looked at one side of the equation. Let us now put the equal sign and look at the other side. What if your partner also behaved like you? What if they also looked out...
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Tis' the season to share love...
I have started seeing the valentines memes already. Mff. Here we go again. Another season of extortion, high expectations, high profits for the liquor, flowers, chocolate, and candle...
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Exercise II
A lot of organs in the body depend on each other. One such close bond is shared between the kidneys and the heart. When the heart is in bad shape, the kidneys will perform badly as...
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