Fiery milk

Keep the milk away…if you are experiencing heartburn. A while ago it was fashionable to take milk to curb the effects of a heartburn attack. Now any updated physician will tell you to adhere to the opposite.

So as not to sound like an over-bearing parent giving orders to a teen just to establish superiority, I will tell you why keeping away from the cow’s creamy produce would be being compassionate to your gut in this case.

Two reasons.

One, milk gets broken down to lactic acid during its digestion in the stomach. Lactic acid is well, an acid. Heartburn is fueled by acidic content from the stomach. Adding lactic acid to your system would be like giving your heartburn more capital and machinery to plow your gut.

Two, if you are not lactating anymore (which you probably aren’t if you can read this, I am assuming), then your stomach does not produce the specific enzyme to break down milk. (That person who insisted cow’s milk is only good for cows must be smiling right now).

You rely on acid in your stomach to clot up the milk so that other enzymes can digest it. If you take milk to cure heartburn, your stomach may be tempted to produce even more acid to deal with that milk, which would sum up in even stronger bouts of heartburn.

An ant-acid tablet (I know. Sounds incomplete. I thought it should be ‘anti-acid’ too, but that’s what the experts call it) would be a more welcome relief for your ‘burning heart’. A chemist near you wouldn’t miss such.

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