Sugar… again.

Sugar. It flatters our taste buds and wiles our senses. I am not here to champion for its gaudy facet though. I have come as its prophet of doom…only less harsh. Less harsh because it would be bold but rash to condemn it altogether without prescribing a worthy substitute. After all, it forms part of our rich culture which involves tea and bread for breakfast… or tea and something else for breakfast… or just tea for breakfast.

It is the sure foundation upon which all manner of morning meals are built and without it, breakfast loses all meaning. It is the glue that holds women’s chamas together and be-spells us to roll our sleeves and build the economy. At least that is how much we revere it. So you see why a substitute worthy of the name is needed if someone even dare condemn use of sugar fully. Availability will have to be a key issue.

Anyway, back to my pseudo-prophetic role. The human body seems not to fancy too much sugar intake in one sitting. A feeling of satiation quickly accompanies any attempt to binge on sugar, unless you are deliberately ignoring the signs your body is sending you…which you shouldn’t.

The human body (not human being) is actually an intelligent masterpiece and most of its workings still remain a mystery to us (read the brain). The sooner we accept that we are not masters of our own bodies but co-owners the better. Perhaps then we would not be so selfish with our decisions.

On to our sugary analysis. The body generally fights an overly sugary diet. Whatever it’s reasons, they are for our own self-preservation. There’s a downside to it …and it’s not just the toothache and tonsillitis. What happens after the sugary binge is that you have eaten less and you feel full already.

You haven’t honored yourself with enough nutrients or a good variety of the same but the appetite is already gone. Less or no nutrients means… you know how it goes. Diseases become your portion. Weakness, your ally. Medicine your close friend.

Things may not escalate that fast, but just because you don’t experience symptoms doesn’t mean everything is okay. Mauna Loa could be preparing to go boom for all we know. Prevention is always better than cure.

I am not condemning the use of sugar completely. At least not yet. I am giving you a good reason to reduce your sugar intake…and this is not just about the sucrose crystals. Ice cream, biscuits, candy, some juices, cake…the list is long but they are all part of the cohort. I am not saying stop. I am saying reduce.

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