Carnivorous by choice II

Something else you will discover once you find yourself in the herbivore corner is that they have very long alimentary canals. The length is meant to break down fibers and tough cellulose to get to the nutrients inside plant cells.

Guess who else has very long intestines? Us! About 6-8 meters of small intestines. A lion does not have to deal with tough plant fibers or cell coats so it gets just 3.4 meters.

Oh look, the lion is roaring. Have you ever heard a herbivore roar? Okay, our deputy in high school probably could but he was an anomaly through and through.

Anecdotes aside, our teeth are not really fashioned to deal with meat. As the biology books in high school said (8-4-4 at its best, teaching future engineers what the teeth of a lion look like) carnivores have scissor-like teeth so that they can slice flesh.

Our teeth are not scissor-like. They go up and down and sideways for better grinding action. So that we can grind seeds, nuts, veggies, and the like.

Now to more serious medical matters. There is a disease called heart attack. It occurs when the blood vessels that supply the heart with nutrients and oxygen get clogged and ration supplies to the heart.

Being a demanding organ, it will just down its tools and call it a day. Then people will say: Ati nani is in hospital? We were with him just moments ago and he looked fine! In other words, most people never see it coming, including the victim.

But what could possibly clog up our precious arteries? Of course, it has to be insoluble, solid… Fat! Yes, it is fat. It builds up inside the blood vessels to make a roadblock formation called a plaque.

This roadblock slows down the movement of blood into the heart muscles and then the heart quits because it is not getting enough oxygen. What’s alarming is that heart attacks do not occur in overly overweight people only. You just have to have enough fat flowing in your bloodstream.

That kind of fat is not manufactured by the body. It has to be eaten. And the cheapest, easiest, most reliable source of easy-to-store fat comes from animal products, such as meat and milk.

Remember when I said our bodies are not as different from animals as we like to think? So what the cow had stored as fat you will store as fat. What the cow produced to fatten up the heifer will fatten you up.

On a more naughty note, fatty blood is sluggish and full of inertia. Blood that is less fatty is quicker and more vibrant. If you want to acquire the properties of an iron pole at night(wide, unbreakable, and dependable no matter how many times called upon) you will shelve the animal products.

Yes, men. You want to be as strong as an ox but you have never seen an ox eating beef or pork or chicken, have you? (Come to think of it they eat plants and we eat them so we are basically just eating plants second-hand. Why are you eating the middle man? Just go direct to the source!) I loosely quote the words of one Patrik Baboumian, one of the world record-holding strongmen. He is a vegan beast. You should check him out.

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