Carnivorous by choice III

A keen reader will now say, but we need the fat. For nerve function, cell membrane building, etc. Yes, we do. Get it from the plants. You are talking about cholesterol and plants have it too. Only theirs is in form of oils, which are very liquid so it won’t sabotage your heart.

A biologist will also say, but… but vitamin B12! Where will we get our vitamin B12? It is only found in animal products. Turns out animals are just middlemen again. Vitamin B12 is made by bacteria found in the gut of animals. The animal itself does not make Vitamin B12.

And with the careless use of antibiotics in animals that we see today, those micro bugs are also on the decline. Animals themselves have low vitamin B12. You are better off getting it from a supplement, of course under the guidance of a health care provider.

A biochemist will now say, but what about the essential amino acids? We can’t make those. Yes, I agree, but plants can. Get your amino acids from plants. Soy, quinoa, buckwheat, potatoes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, vegetables, and the like. They all contain some/all of the essential amino acids.

By the way, you forgot to ask about vitamin C. Don’t we also get it from plants? Carnivores don’t see colour very well. They don’t need to. All they need is to see what they are hunting, whether it is near or far, night or day.

They have xanthine oxidase. They are allowed to get their vitamin C from animals. They do this by eating their prey raw by the way. We, on the other hand, can see many colours. A useful feature for spotting ripe fruits, which come in many colours, so that we can eat them and get our vitamin C from there.

Ever noticed that the biggest animals in the world are largely herbivores? It’s not a coincidence. Plants get their energy directly from the sun and convert it into starch. They remain the most energy-packed food source on this planet.

By the time the plants have been eaten by an animal and gone to storage, there has been a percentage energy loss because the animal has its own energy expenditure to take care of.

So whatever is eating that animal will be getting less energy. The less energy simply cannot sustain sizes akin to that of an elephant. Tertiary consumers such as vultures are even smaller because the energy they get from eating the eater of the eater is now minuscule. For those who want to pack a healthy weight… those animal proteins will not help you bulk up.

We get a lot of admiration as humans for having the biggest brains in the animal kingdom. Now leave the heart and its energy demands alone, the brain behaves like a feisty, salty teenager when it comes to what it wants to use for energy. It will only use glucose. Nothing else.

And it is very demanding too, taking up nearly 20% of the energy consumption in the body. Where will we get all this glucose to fuel its picky appetite?

Our green friends who feel no pain when they are being eaten have the answer. Plants and their seeds are abundant in glucose. They have more than we could ever use, and then some. Want to keep your brain well-fed and happy? Eat your grains. Stop cheating it with all these stimulants that just mimic energy but don’t have the real thing. I am looking at you, coffee. And eat the grains whole if you love your pancreas. Diabetes is a topic for another day.

Now to hear the kicks of a dying horse. But plants are just so tasteless. Veggies are even bitter. My frien’, I have just been praising your big brain. Manipulate the food! Sauté it, spice it, condiment it, compliment it, praise it… whatever. You can make it better. You can Google how to make it better.

The recipes are endless. People are so innovative they even have vegan burgers and pizzas. And they taste good. Find a chef worth their salt and try it out. Or be that chef and win your spouse over by proving that you care for their heart, literally.

Fun fact: Have you ever seen your cat at home saunter outside and start chewing on grass? We always thought it was for stomach issues or something. It’s actually because they need an extra helping of folic acid and they get that from the green grass. The meaty diet just doesn’t provide enough. Take that, carnivores.

To conclude, the learned say vir prudens non contra ventum mingit — [a] wise man does not urinate [up] against the wind. Our physiology, morphology, and mentality point us to a plant-based diet. Real research that is not funded by multi-billion dollar food corporations trying to stay in business show the same thing.

Cigarettes were once marketed as a very healthy pastime. The evidence was against it, but the marketing was strong and fierce. Until cancer caught up with them and now nobody wants anything to do with cigarettes.

Recent studies are starting to show animal products for the villains they really are. The producers will, of course, put up a strong fight. But one can never suppress truth forever. In the end, it comes out. Yet you don’t have to be a negative statistic (the so-called lifestyle diseases) in the mountain of evidence that will bury animal-based diets. You can be the positive statistic.

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