Beauty or beast?

Beauty has been said to be subjective. However, sometimes we can all agree that beauty has a universal standard to it. Everyone thinks that cats are cute.

We somehow have a sense of what is beautiful and what isn’t. That idea is more prevalent in nature, but we are part of nature. The good news is that nature offers beauty in many variations. Cats may be cute but they are not the only cute animals out there. There’s hope to derive from that.

The hope stems from the diversity in beauty. We don’t have to look like someone specific to be beautiful. Wolves are marvelous creatures but they look nothing like cats. That doesn’t stop us from admiring them.

So we can do one very important thing today: stop belittling ourselves for not being shaped(hour-glass shape anyone ?) like someone who society deems to be the pinnacle of beauty.

Speaking of how we are shaped, we can take encouragement from the realization that we did not design ourselves. We were just born the way we were and some things are really beyond our control. And if we try to control them we put our health at risk.

Maybe you have big lips. Or small ones. Or a big nose. Or big eyes. Or small eyes. Or a body that was fashioned after a wooden plank. Whatever it is that we think is wrong about our physique. We didn’t really choose to be like that. It’s just how we found ourselves. We don’t really get to pick our bodies when coming to this world. We just find ourselves with them.

So maybe if you don’t like something about how you look… instead of trying to take the responsibility for how your fingers look (as if you made them yourself) and feeling bad about it, how about you take it up with your Creator?

The same goes for people who body-shame others and think they look better than others. You didn’t really make that body so you don’t get to have the bragging rights. They belong to a higher being. And if you have gripes with how someone looks, go and file a complaint with the Manufacturer, not the product.

That being said, we have to appreciate our intelligence as humans. We have the capacity to be creative and improve the resources at our disposal. That’s how we got Ubereats, iPhones, and Subarus. Yay for symmetrical AWD.

We therefore can improve what we were given. Sure, some things we can’t change. But we can change others. We can style our hair, wear trendy clothes, improve our personalities and lose/gain weight. That’s right. Some people actually need to gain weight. Everyone needs to work out though. Our bodies really appreciate it.

The advantage again is that while beauty has universal standards, they are not static or fixed. So our efforts to look better won’t actually be for naught. And those who are sensible will see that. They will appreciate that we worked on the things we can change to suit those that we can’t change. Besides, someone who judges people based on things that they cannot change is a bullet worth dodging.

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