A candid conversation

Candidiasis sounds like candy and being candid. This gives me an idea: Keep off the candy & you will not have to be candid with your partner. I know, the rhyme scheme is unbeatable.

The science behind the poetry will soon come out. Listen to this( because you are hearing yourself read): According to http://www.aafp.org/afp/2000/0601/p3306.html at least 50% of women aged 25 and above will experience a flare-up of Candida spp. A much smaller percentage will experience recurrence.

The symptoms of Candidiasis make it easy to confuse for an STI & that is the raison d’être for this article. I would have loved to accompany that statement with a picture, but I will spare you the appetite-robbing sight(you are welcome).

When we were doing this as a group assignment I had to abandon my meal twice because whoever was doing the introduction posted convincing pictures without any warning. Shiro your passion for knowledge dissemination knew no bounds.

Candidiasis or vaginitis if the cause is bacteria, is real. If and should it show up at your doorstep, give a thought to yeast before your eyes turn red with magma. This might just be the time to comfort & not discomfit her.

Candidiasis is a problem that takes root due to (knowledge is power. Hopefully you can avoid the avoidable):

Sugar– hyperglycemic states afford epithelial cell-binding sites for the yeasty guests. Kicking out the jargon, it’s like signposts declaring you are prime real estate and all are welcome, only this advertisement occurs at a microscopic level.

Hormones- oestrogen & progesterone have matching receptors on yeast cells that promote their proliferation on attachment. Cue contraceptives. Hormones such as the ones I have mentioned above are what initiate and sustain pregnancy and messing up with them is at the core of some contraceptive methods. It also comes with perks such as Candida. Small-ish price to pay for the few who are affected.

Hygiene– poor habits like wiping from the anus forwards instead of backwards.

‎Tight clothing that traps perspiration and therefore heat. Candida loooove hot & wet conditions.

‎‎immunity- a failing immune system will be less strict with tenants.

Antibiotic overuse– alters the who’s who in the ecosystem, allowing the hardcore crew to take over.

Differentiating bacterial from fungal infections:
Onto the symptoms now. Good to know but I guess they will take you to a doctor either way if they show up.
Bacterial: painful, fishy(the smell) discharge.
Yeast: itchy, thick whitish discharge.

Not classed as an STI. Repeat. Not classed as an STI. Don’t commit murder. Treatments are available and cure rates are high. The imidazole antifungals will laugh in the face of Candida. Probiotic yoghurts that contain Lactobacillus have shown some promise. They will both evict the culprits and restore parity, the former with finesse, the latter with brute strength.

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