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Planet Wizard is a health media and publishing company sharing health care information with a goal of transforming health systems from sick care to health care. We share information through our website, magazine, documentaries, podcasts and social media pages (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, pInterest, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter).


For a very long time, health systems have been working to respond to sick patients globally. As a result, the ideal definition of healthcare has been lost to many. Healthcare is not just about patient treatment when they get sick, but also about healthy individuals being able to look after themselves to prevent diseases through basic practices such as hygiene, diet, fitness, and so forth.

With the increase in the battle with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases in recent years, the need to provide proper healthcare information to the global community has become of vital importance. Studies indicate the prevalence of obesity worldwide has tripled since 1975. The progress of this disease can be held back by one important thing, providing preventable measures to the community! At Planet Wizard, we provide health care information via our magazine and media platforms to prevent diseases. We cover content on health, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle. Our goal is to transform the health systems from sick care to health care globally.

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