Exercise and maintaining intelligence.

There are so many good things associated with exercise. Many and good enough to keep you motivated. Even the body reminds you when you are goofing off from your schedule by summoning some muscle pains here and there.

It’s amazing how one activity can impact so many body organs and functions positively. Including organs as complex as the brain. An organ that has been touted to contain more neural connections than there are subatomic particles in the universe. That’s a lot man. It really does take a lot of ingenuity to come up with a human being. We shouldn’t take ourselves so lightly.

No wonder some people insist that they can only exercise from the gym …

So anyway. Exercise has been suggested as one of the ways of preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Symptoms such as memory loss, short attention span, loss of impulse control and hallucinations mark the presence of Alzheimer’s. Having just clarified the complexity of the brain, one would understand why current treatments cannot reverse the disease process. One would also understand why we should be jumping at prevention techniques given the symptoms and current treatment limitations.

One of the features of neurodegenerative disorders is breakdown of the nervous network. Blood supplies this network with the energy and building blocks to do repairs and keep it vibrant. Exercise enhances blood flow and therefore (theyafaa) increased blood flow should give the nerves what they need to keep in top shape.

We do understand that after twenty fae (twenty five. I stay near the Juja subcounty headquarters) the body starts to age. General body functions start to slow down, deteriorate and wear out. Kidneys start to get tired, joints produce less of that awesome synovial juice and blood flow to the head starts to suffer from the effects of gravity. It then behooves us to up our maintenance game to at least slow down that deterioration rate.

Photo by Julia Larson from Pexels

Exercise is one such maintenance activity. It keeps the heart charged and the blood vessels serviceable. That way organs don’t have an excuse for leaving work early. You don’t need to do fifty pushups tomorrow. Building a workout routine that doesn’t tyrannize yourself is key to consistency. And that’s the key word. Don’t be a self-tyrant. Nothing wrong with starting with five pushups or two squats but building a habit and routine out of it. After that you can increase the challenge as your body normalizes to the workout. Good things take time to build after all. I mean, just look at the Lexus LFA.

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