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Muscle injuries
A cousin went to get her hair styled last week and came back to the house grim-faced. I asked her what was wrong. From the looks of it, the procedure had gone well. She said her hair...
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Paradise defined
Children are always on the move. Adults don’t like to move at all. Children are not locomotory simply because they want to. They actually need to. Our muscles are made in such...
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Nails nails nails
Nails are part of our aesthetic so today we are going to give them some attention. They are one of those things which you don’t think of much when they are okay but they drive you crazy...
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A candid conversation
Candidiasis sounds like candy and being candid. This gives me an idea: Keep off the candy & you will not have to be candid with your partner. I know, the rhyme scheme is unbeatable....
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Preparing for old age II
Welcome back, everyone. We are gathered here today to pay attention to our bones. The ones we don’t see but we know that they are there. If you see yours then bad things must...
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Preparing for old age
Have you ever thought about it? Getting ready for old age? Well, time moves and it doesn’t take our excuses for failing to prepare. Time doesn’t notify us when it moves either. Many...
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