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A trophy for the shower
Delving into medieval history can make for interesting reads. Materials available on the internet record the unique views of one King Louis XIV: He found the act of bathing disturbing....
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Exercise I
The levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle is, translated from Latin, the “lifter of both the upper lip and of the wing of the nose”. It has the longest name of any...
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Beauty or beast?
Beauty has been said to be subjective. However, sometimes we can all agree that beauty has a universal standard to it. Everyone thinks that cats are cute. We somehow have a sense of...
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A Manly Check-up
I can state with a lot of confidence that the male species of the human race do not fancy hospitals. No reason can motivate a man to go to a hospital out of his own will and good pleasure....
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Body Conscious
It is said that diversity is the spice of life. It creates a special feeling of uniqueness to know that there is no one else like you in the whole world. It shows your Creator was looking...
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Tongue trouble
When I was ten or so years younger, reading newspapers was a tradition in our family. The Sunday newspaper was never missed, and we would walk with my brothers 2 or so kilometers to...
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